For nearly forty years now we have operated as a family business, specialising in native and imported hardwoods. This all started out of necessity when we came to the area in the late 1970s, moving to a house in need of a lot of renovation work. In order to reduce the costs we fell upon the idea of carrying out much of the work in timber ourselves. However, when we tried to source suitable hardwoods we required, we found that the nearest suppliers were over 100 miles away. Somehow it seemed logical to us to process local, raw timber and prepare it ourselves – but we needed a premises to carry this out. Some friends suggested a nearby haulier who might be able to rent us some spare buildings. We negotiated to use one of them and install a basic timber drying system. Using the facilities of existing softwood mills in the area, we were able to convert the abundant local hardwoods into seasoned timber we needed.

Word began to spread. As unexpected enquiries came in we realised that there was a demand for quality, kiln-dried hardwood, and as things escalated we took the opportunity to move to our current premises. Here, we were able to install our own sawmilling equipment and take control of the whole process from start to finish, producing boards, beams and lintels using native species. With space for new kilns and a fitted out workshop we were able to offer a whole new range of service.
In the early nineties we opened our shop, serving prepared blanks for woodturning, woodcarving and other crafts. Soon we were attracting a steady stream of customers from across the north of England, southern Scotland and further afield, and we began stocking a variety of tools and accessories alongside our stocks of native timber. In addition we began to import unusual timbers from overseas.

We continue to process timber in-house, from producing wide slabs and bespoke constructional timber right down to the smallest blanks for instrument and pen making. Our eye for the unusual and ability to work across a range of scales has seen us producing timber for skilled customers and unique projects both locally and as far afield as Iceland and Japan.

I have headed up operations in the yard from the beginning but I now have my son Graeme working alongside me. Together our aim remains to source, select, mill and machine a unique range of timbers for all our customers' needs, large or small.

                      – Richard Ferguson

Opening hours: 9:30am – 4pm, Monday to Friday
Opening hours:
9:30am – 4pm
Monday to Friday

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Specialists in native and
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